Our Partners

Our Partners

Through this past decade, we have created enduring and beneficial partnerships with some of the nation’s greatest corporations, philanthropic foundations, and community organizations.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”  Ryunosuke Satoro. Teamwork is key and a partnership with The Wash Allen Foundation will enable our public and private sector affiliates to arrange resources to establish and maintain significant impact for the community.  Our partnerships focuses on strengthening the economy, transforming the lives of thousands of families, and being a role model in the industry to use your skills and talents to give back to others.

Will you join our team and give people like Executive Director Richard H. Hill, Jr. of The Open Door Mission Foundation as The Wash Allen Foundation gave them the opportunity to reach more men and women.  Contact Judy Foston at jfoston@fostoninternationl.com, or keep reading to learn more about collaborating with The Wash Allen Foundation.

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Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners include the top entrepreneural businesses in America:  Frenchy’s… The Law Office of Waverly Nolley and Associates… to name a few.

These corporations understand that a partnership with a respected foundation like The Wash Allen Foundation is a leap in the right direction.  Today’s consumers expect companies to be socially responsible by connecting with social causes that are committed to transforming the community, and that utilizes a sustainable model for growth.  As the scholarly article from R&D Management Stated in 2009 from Holmes, S. 2009 states “The use of more collaborative and interactive organizational arrangements to conduct exchanges for the purposes of innovation is fast becoming one of the most distinctive features of leading economies.

The Wash Allen Foundation’s corporate partners are focused on seeking mutually-beneficial, collaborative partneships that:

  • Expand public awareness of community organization work and mission
  • Advance the community organization initiatives
  • Generate resources for the community
  • Provide scholarships for students

To learn more about becoming a Corporate Partner, please e-mail Judy Foston at jfoston@fostoninternationl.com.


Community Partners

At The Wash Allen Foundation, we believe in building community partnerships that are essential for the success of the community.  One of our core values is that Our Strength is Within Partnerships.  We promote and share community resources from local non-profit organizations that appear on our show.  From national advocacy groups to local faith-based organizations, each of our valued partners brings unique skills and insights to impact lives.  We are so grateful for our partners around the country.  To learn more about becoming a community partner, please email Judy Foston at jfoston@fostoninternationl.com.

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